Paladins of Pedastria

The Chronicler - Issue 3
The campaign rag


Bill Tanner reporting

After nearly 30 years of little more than minor skirmishes, forces of the undead have risen again in great number. Numerous zombies and their fell kin struck the town of Fenton, whilst splinters of this group caused havoc and panic in the surrounding areas.

The source of this assault is unknown, as is the provocation, though the prominent cleric Simon Haydew (67) suggests that those forces of undeath need nothing more than their innate hatred of life to fuel their hatred. Many perished in the first wave of this incursion, swept up in the surprise and ferocity of this strike.

However, it has been revealed that the attakers faltered in the face of the young adventuring band, The Fellowship of the Ming. These grand heroes, already making a name for themselves, engaged the leader of the beasts of shadow and emerged victorious.

With their master gone, many of the remaining corpse-folk became unfocused and easily dealt with, the foul magic that spawned them being broken.

Several other individuals distinguished themselves in the fight, saving many, not least the Lady British herself. Her presence, on horseback, bow in hand, was apparently a sight of great fortitude for the other militia defenders holding the town. Many heralded the work of her late father in bringing about the peace that we have enjoyed for the past three decades.

The Chronicler - Issue 2
The campaign rag


Bill Tanner reporting

Binwin Bronzebottom, heir to the High Throne of Olde Pedastria, has been sighted in the Albernon Range. According to rumours, the Dwarven prince was recovered from the mountain fastness of common bandits by a brave group of adventurers. The adventurers success, reported through Watcher channels, would appear to mark the end of organized banditry for the people living near Lord British’s Pass.

Whilst the Watch has yet to issue a statement relating to Bronzebottom, if this is the case many parties will be keeping a close eye on the prince’s actions. Since much of the civilised groups within the bounds of Olde Pedastria still use the old nation’s laws and codices as the basis of modern workings, they would have to make sever changes to resist any legitimate claim to the High Crown. A handful of individuals have expressed cautious optimism at such a move, citing both the diligent reign of previous Dwarven monarchs and also the relative freedom the Guild structure enjoyed even under royal rule.

On the other hand, many would baulk at the removal of Guild elders from the top tier of governance, either as a disruptive influence on an established system or else to hold on to some measure of power. More than one observer has implicated Bronzebottom in the coordinated banditry itself, which is true could raise further questions.

Whether this will become a major issue for the Free Peoples of Pedastria is still yet to be seen, especially as some reports indicate that the High Prince was grievously wounded at time of press.

The Chronicler - Issue 1
The campaign rag


Bill Tanner reporting

A shipment of goods travelling between Linton and Fenton along Lord British’s Pass was ambushed by bandit forces, last Tuesday. The increasingly violent actions of rogue forces in the are has been a source of growing concern for the populace in Albernon.

The strike, which claimed the lives of 2 Watchers, has been called a ‘despicable, premediated attempt to disrupt our realm’ by Fenton’s councillor, Lady British (37). She went on to explain that a band of adventurers had been hired to root out the insurgents and return the stolen cargo.

The identity of these heroes has been withheld, although the records of the Guild of Adventurers notes a fresh Notice of Team Status delivered by courier-squirrel this morning. The application, which if successful would grant the group official status as an adventuring band, names them as ‘The Fellowship of the Ming’. The Chronicler, for one, salutes their brave intentions.

The goods included food, clothing and rare elven herb-mixes, according to our own investigations. When asked to comment on this inventory, British gave no comment.


Ladies of the Linton Guild of Needlecraft received a shock last week when one of their number noticed that some ne’er-do-well had forced an entry into the toilet in Linton Town Hall. The thief, who is believed to have made a quick exit when swarthy adventurers came to take a look around the village, left boot prints on the toilet seat. He also failed to close the window, which had clearly been forced open.

Watchers are confident that nothing of value was stolen, though did comment on the pine fresh smell.

The Chronicler - Issue 0
The campaign rag


Bill Tanner reporting

Villages in the northern region of Albernon are suffering the attentions of an organised banditting operation, according to a statement issued by the Guild of Watchers. The statement comes at a time of uncharacteristic peace for the Pedastrian west, with no major conflict in recent years.

The Watchers have long maintained a strong presence in Fenton, a chief supplier of grain to our fair city of Haberton-on-Nairn, as the site of one of the few remaining watch houses remaining after the Cataclysm. The region has lately been posturing for a stronger trade agreement.

According to Captain Stewart Bucannon, 53, the attacks on messengers, isolated homesteads and travelling goods – which were previously thought to be random – have shown an organised pattern. His statement aimed to quell fears in the populace by offering assurance that actions were being taken to meet this threat.


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