Paladins of Pedastria

The Chronicler - Issue 0

The campaign rag


Bill Tanner reporting

Villages in the northern region of Albernon are suffering the attentions of an organised banditting operation, according to a statement issued by the Guild of Watchers. The statement comes at a time of uncharacteristic peace for the Pedastrian west, with no major conflict in recent years.

The Watchers have long maintained a strong presence in Fenton, a chief supplier of grain to our fair city of Haberton-on-Nairn, as the site of one of the few remaining watch houses remaining after the Cataclysm. The region has lately been posturing for a stronger trade agreement.

According to Captain Stewart Bucannon, 53, the attacks on messengers, isolated homesteads and travelling goods – which were previously thought to be random – have shown an organised pattern. His statement aimed to quell fears in the populace by offering assurance that actions were being taken to meet this threat.



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