Paladins of Pedastria

The Chronicler - Issue 1

The campaign rag


Bill Tanner reporting

A shipment of goods travelling between Linton and Fenton along Lord British’s Pass was ambushed by bandit forces, last Tuesday. The increasingly violent actions of rogue forces in the are has been a source of growing concern for the populace in Albernon.

The strike, which claimed the lives of 2 Watchers, has been called a ‘despicable, premediated attempt to disrupt our realm’ by Fenton’s councillor, Lady British (37). She went on to explain that a band of adventurers had been hired to root out the insurgents and return the stolen cargo.

The identity of these heroes has been withheld, although the records of the Guild of Adventurers notes a fresh Notice of Team Status delivered by courier-squirrel this morning. The application, which if successful would grant the group official status as an adventuring band, names them as ‘The Fellowship of the Ming’. The Chronicler, for one, salutes their brave intentions.

The goods included food, clothing and rare elven herb-mixes, according to our own investigations. When asked to comment on this inventory, British gave no comment.


Ladies of the Linton Guild of Needlecraft received a shock last week when one of their number noticed that some ne’er-do-well had forced an entry into the toilet in Linton Town Hall. The thief, who is believed to have made a quick exit when swarthy adventurers came to take a look around the village, left boot prints on the toilet seat. He also failed to close the window, which had clearly been forced open.

Watchers are confident that nothing of value was stolen, though did comment on the pine fresh smell.



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