Albernon Range

The northwestern mountains of olde Pedastria, often including the surrounding coastal plains. Although treacherous in parts, the range is relatively well known and it’s main thoroughfare, Lord British’s Pass, is well maintained and frequently travelled.

The population of the area has nearly doubled in the wake of the fall of Katorga, as Lightbringers led by Rafael Kayleth helped the people of the slums evacuate to fighting that raged there. These people are largely living in temporary shelter erected for the purpose, though the councillors of the Albernon Cooperative are looking to expand their influence by incorporating these people into their lands permanently.

Notable Locations

The three townships of Linton, Fenton and Denguard are located in the region. Nairnmouth is the nearest city, off to the southwest.

Quest Locations

Albernon Range

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