Part of the traid of towns situated in the Albernon Range, Denguard is a costal town with a more relaxed attitude to legality than its compatriots in Fenton or Linton. This is due in part to the fact that Denguard’s rule is split between the dons and donnas of the guilds who seised power for themselves during The Cataclysm from the rightful councillors (it is hardly helped by the destabilising presence of Genevieve).

This general unrest has allowed Denguard to foster some more unusual practises such as smuggling and the recent opening of a pit fight arena The House of Broken Glass.


The leaders of the Barbers, Seamstresses and Haberdashers guild created a rough form of governance for Denguard.

Notable Personnas/Locations

Genevieve’s by the docks. The House of Broken Glass.


The Barbers, Seamstresses, Haberdashers, Carters and Puppeteers all have greater or lesser influence in Denguard and its surroundings.


Paladins of Pedastria Rosti