Located in a natural basin set high in the mountains, the olde village of Linton was initially a small trading post serving as respite along Lord British’s Pass. Since then it has grown into a fine town, sited as it is upon the initial source of both the Nairn and Bairn rivers.

The town is easily defended, being some thousand feet above the level of the sea, and the basin itself supports limited grazing as well as space the mainly dwarf/human populace and the surrounding area is chiefly maintained by goat farmers. The town is well known for the quality of it’s horses and marble-craft, though there is little call for the latter in these troubled times.


Jimmy Heeler is the head Councillor of Linton.

Notable Personnas/Locations

The Knarlworth Arms Inn.


Linton maintains quarters belonging to following Guilds: Mining and Stoneworkers (HQ), Watcher (‘academy’) Needlecraft.


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