Built at the where the Nairn becomes a river proper and is joined by the Bairn, Nairnmouth is an ideally situated trading hub. As a gateway to the plains and the quickest way for the Albernon Range to transport their wares to the old port of Seaham, Nairnmouth amassed great wealth in the past which allowed it to develop into the city it is today.

But all is not well. With The Lady slowly gaining control of Katorga a number of blockades and trade embargoes have drastically reduced the amount of goods and money that flows into Nairnmouth. Coupled with the squabbles and power struggles of the various houses, noble families and production unions; Nairnmouth has become an interesting place to live in.


Nairnmouth is a political minefield of noble houses and buisness families all vying for power. At the moment the noble house Helmawr is theoretically in charge of the running of Nairnmouth as they are the House Primus but there are many others attempting to subvert them.

The diferrent stratas of Nairnmouth society would be impossible to catalogue in this short space but the other noble houses are: Greim, Ulanti, Ty, Ran Lo, Catallus and Ko’Iron. The Production Families (often referred to as the “Working Families” by the nobles) are: Cawdor, Escher, Goliath, Van Saar, Orlock and Delaque.

Notable Personnas/Locations

None yet known.


Almost every guild imaginable has a home in Nairnmouth but a number have prominance due to their association with one of the Production Families.


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