Pedastria was the name given to the last great empire in the local region. Forged by an alliance between dwarven and human houses, it grew to encompass a great territory in it’s protective bounds.


Pedastria is roughly divided into five main areas: The Albernon Range to the north, consisting of three major towns, the trading hub of Nairnmouth and the mountains from which the area draws its name. The Elven baronies in the western part of the plains that dominate the centre of Pedastria. The Chanel Mountains to the south-east, though smaller than their Albernon cousins are no less perilous. The much maligned Fellands that cover the southern jutting tip of Pedastria and lastly, the north-east holdings of Katorga and Pedastria’s ancient capital Überwelt.


As a quirk of it’s heritage, Pedastria maintained two crowns – the High crown, belonging to it’s dwarven Kings of the Mountains and the Low crown held by the human Kings of the Plains. Their leadership was supplemented by an intricate guild system, through which virtually every profession was codified and overseen. These guilds enjoyed great autonomy from royal influence and many pre-dated the Pedastrian Empire by many centuries.

The Cataclysm

A great upheaval brought the empire to it’s knees some time ago – the details of which I’m not going to type write now so there. Very few pockets of civilisation survived the onslaught, but those that did usually owed their fortune to the dedicated work of their guilds. Being largely self-sufficient, many local guild groups were able to preserve some families or townships through the storm.


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