Player Characters

This is the home page to spy on all the PC’s currently inhabiting the world of Pedastria and gives you their backstories, vital statistics and hopes and dreams (kind of like facebook only they can’t fight back).

Currently there are three groups trapsing around Pedastria, saving damsels, looting dungeons and generally ruining the story the DM has planned for them. They are divided as follows:

The Fellowship of the Ming (or the Mingers)

The fellowship of the ming0002

Also starring!


  • Acido Rapido, Dragonborn Warlord
  • Changeling Psion
  • (G)Rayham, Gnome Assassin
  • Aleph, Voidsoul Paladin
With underdeveloped character interludes by:
  • Sobek, Deva Swordmage

Together, They Fight Crime!

  • N’leah Sunbeam, Eladrin Ranger
  • Deckard Cain, Human Cleric

Also if things go as planned we may transpose our original D&D group to Pedastria, so prepare to welcome:

The Lords of Awesome

  • Dr. RavenDarkTalonBlood, Human Wizard
  • Pingu, Dwarven Cleric
  • Kayleth, Dragonborn Fighter
  • Indoril Fyr, Eladrin Warlord

The Riding Lights Fighting Company

  • Friar Fisty “Fisty McJustice” Cuffs, Human Monk
  • The Bishop, Deva Cleric
  • Gol’Tok, Goliath Fighter

And many others! (When we decide which characters to actually play…)

Player Characters

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