Rafael Kayleth

As a founding member of the Lightbringers, the paladin Rafael Kayleth shone as a symbol of their divine patronage. Alongside these great heroes, he carved a legend as a dependable bulwark in their defence of the free peoples of Pedastria during the Cataclysm.

More recently, when Lord Jack British decided to reform the Lightbringers for a second strike into the territory of the Low King, Rafael once more stood beside his old friend as the rock of this revised team. Indeed, his service to the god Avandra, patron of the traveller, freedom and luck, he could hardly refuse Lord British’s desire to send vital, heroic support to the secretive Undead Resistance Force when news of it’s existence reached them.

However, during their first major engagement, in the foul city of Katorga, Rafael gave his life to forestall the ascension of a new lich, walking into an arcane vortex to dispel it’s magicks. Some years later, Rafael emerged from the temple in which he had died, having been granted a new unlife as a being of both divine and necrotic origin. Seeing the opportunity Avandra had given him, he became the Champion of the Lost, working tirelessly to protect the populace of the slums from the machinations of both undead and slave groups, maintaining the delicate balance in that wretched hive (of scum and villainy).

During The Lady’s uprising, Rafael was finally slain defending the fleeing populace. His actions bought the lives of many who have now relocated to Albernon, where his body now rests. Though now dead, his body is perfectly preserved – indeed, he appears to have more life now than he did as the risen Champion. Many flock to touch his corpse, believing that doing so will earn Avandra’s favour.

Rafael Kayleth

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